Are you aware about your cloud security?

Dec 11

As more and more organizations are moving towards cloud computing technology and the data and the applications of the organization is moving to the cloud, therefore, security has become even more significant and crucial for any organization who are deploying cloud computing.

Security is a huge concern, and the biggest hindrance faced by the organizations. Many organizations may consider the benefits of outsourcing all or part of their IT infrastructures to a reliable cloud service providers, however, they are still worried about the loss of control that comes with having their mission critical applications and sensitive data residing in the third party server rather than on their own servers.

However, large number of cloud service provider who ensures safety of your data but as a client you should also know how to protect your data. The organization should know how take advantage of the benefits offered by the cloud provider. The organization should know the certain facts like how secure is this data, who will be able to have access to it and where is that data actually stored. Now these questions will help the organization to understand how their business data is with the cloud.

Many a times the service provider could host the data of your organization with several other clients. Therefore, they organization must ensure that verifiable assurance is given about how the data is segregated and separated from the data of the provider’s other clients .it is good practice to know who is the data segregated from the data of the provider’s other clients at rest.

The organization should know about how is their data safe in the cloud. Apart from this what are the encryption options offered by the provider? Another important question to ask is; who is responsible for the encryption /decryption keys? Who is liable in case of a data breach? How is the legal framework in the country where your cloud provider is based? In addition, where exactly the data is stored? The organization should find appropriate answers to these questions before going for a cloud.

The organization should know about the regulatory compliance and how can a service provider ensure business continuity and availability of your data / services that are hosted on their cloud infrastructure in case of disaster? Does your provider have options for data replication across multiple sites? How easy is restoring data in case a need arises?

Therefore, the cloud service provider must ensure their efforts in addressing some of the most vital issues with cloud security as many organizations move to the cloud for web-based applications, storage, and communications services for mission-critical processes, there is need to ensure that cloud security issues are addressed effectively.

Bartering to Currency and now Bartering of Currency

Dec 07

I happened to travel on a train for one full day and I had a wonderful experience to talk with an economist. Some people were discussing the free fall of rupee against the dollar and then, the old lady sitting opposite my seat explained some evolution of trading system to make the concept clear to all the co-passengers. Below are some excerpts from the discussion.

In olden days when there was no currency people used to barter the commodities and services. By bartering I mean that doing some service in exchange of a service or giving some commodity in exchange of a commodity i.e. wheat for rice or vice versa. The most common commodities at that time were spices, grains, salt, cattle, seed, tobacco and tea. There were two major problems with this trading system first one it was difficult to get  something without giving a commodity in exchange so everyone had to carry bags full of salt or grains. Second problem was to negotiate on the quantity of different goods in exchange of a good like how much salt for a bag full of 20 Kgs of rice. This is not as simple as it seems to be as there are multiple vendors/suppliers of the same commodity. So, people resolved to have a common trading instrument in exchange of the goods. Which in modern days we call as currency.

Initially the currency was made up of metals, as it was easy to carry and reusable. Since coins were having specific value on it, it became easier to trade the commodities. When the coins or the metal of the coin itself became a commodity then people had to resolve to other instruments and this time they resolved to paper currency. The first paper currency note dates back to AD 960 and was used by China.

This seems simple right? No, it gets complex when the circle of trade increased from one locality to state to country and then Global. Things become pretty complex when there are two countries involved in the trade where two different currencies are involved. Now the challenge is how to compare one currency against another currency. The value of currency is decided by the price in foreign exchange market. Every country through a centralized body that regulates the value of its currency, for India this is done by RBI (Reserve Bank of India). A currency will become more valuable if the demand for the currency is more than available supply and demand of a currency increases if the country is exporting more items then it imports. Currently India is not doing well in exports; rather we are importing lot of commodities that is making our currency weaker and dollar stronger. There are other reasons that explain the depreciation of a currency like Inflation, current account deficit, differences in Interest rates, public debt and political stability.

Evolution of Advertising in India

Nov 16

I have been pondering deep on to start writing a blog series. So many things to cover in just one blog, I have decided to set a context for my blogs and here I am with Evolution of Adverting in India.

We all know that sales of a product are directly related the advertising and the exposure of the product to the customers. Managing brands and targeting new consumer is the most integral part in growth of a business, whether it is cloud solutions or Apple iPhone, doesn’t matter. I couldn’t help myself thinking on the creativity involved in targeting of customers to buy the products.

Multinational corporations have moved into the country, imported goods have become widely available to the consumers and on top of this the consumption has grown in leaps and bounces over the years. The Advertising involves the thorough analysis of consumption patterns, age group behaviors and the consumer demographics.

I would define the advertising in India post independence into four phases.

First phase which started in 1947 and lasted until early 1970s, where the advertising was only factual presentation and less of creativity.

The second phase starting early 1970s to 1990s, in this phase the advertising involved lot of creativity in terms of graphics and media; however the major development in this era was towards creating efficient advertising and marketing channels throughout the country.

The third phase which lasted till 2010 had lot of creativity and media involved in the process. The advertising was not only limited to the professional advertisers, lots of things were thrown onto the wall some of them did stick and some of them fell down crashing without even bouncing back. Lot of celebrities, sports men were used to endorse the products. Some of the advertises followed a non conventional way of advertising like Vodafone i.e. using a pug and then ZooZoos.

What keeps me pondering is not the three phases but it is the new era which has started post 2010. This is digital advertising era. Although, India is major outsourcer for the offshore call centers to the western products, we have our own version of Silicon Valley in city of Bangalore where computers and internet are used by a large portion of the population, with an increasing number of social networking websites like facebook, orkut, google+, linkedIn, twitter and many more. The consumer behavior has forced the companies to take the digital Advertising way.

I would cover the digital advertising in my next blog: The next big thing – digital Advertising. So, keep watching for the next blog.

Thanks for reading.

Pressure For Cost Reduction Drives Outsourcing Of IT Services

Nov 13

Most companies opt for outsourcing IT services is because of the cost. But, obviously, and give in to pressure to reduce costs, they also realize the value of the gain of flexibility – which has been equally important for business. Many of the responsibilities are transferred to a provider of IT, cease to exist concerns related to investment and scaling technology infrastructure to expand business – can focus more efforts on core business.

The management of the database is emerging as one of the most outsourced services. According to Piyush Somani, CEO of ESDS Data Center in India, to opt for outsourcing data center and managing the database, the company now has efficient tools for storage and retrieval of information, and may change configurations, upgrades required or recommended, schedule backups, promote disaster recovery so that no critical data is lost, monitor system usage and response time, and ensure maximum performance.

In his opinion, it is very common for companies to start projects without counting a good management tool for database (DBA), but it is unlikely that they will sustain for long in this competitive market without counting a service management tailored to their actual needs. “This is the reality of most of the institutions that generate a lot of information, such as hospitals, schools, banks, telecommunications companies and public companies, for example. A major advantage of investing in DBA is to have efficient tools to detect and quickly resolve problems of a technological nature. Finally, the database is often touted as the number one suspect when problems arise in the area of IT”.

By opting for outsourcing the management of the database, the company now has the essential tools to act quickly in a critical situation. This is done primarily through a full time monitoring, able to detect any abnormality and quickly notify the team responsible for managing. With remote access to client machines (VPN), experts promote corrective actions whenever necessary, to keep the services and efficient information available.

For the specialist, in addition to full monitoring – which anticipates, detects and corrects problems – it is crucial that businesses count on support services for the activities of the database, such as backup, and disaster recovery simulation, data transport to other sites application software that keep the database upto date, implementation of security policies etc.. “With all the benefits from outsourcing administrative service, although it is worth mentioning other important characteristics, such as reduced IT budgets, increased productivity of internal staff, greater security to rely on real-time monitoring and comprehensive, besides getting rid of wear generated by substitutions, holidays and staff shortages”.

The IT outsourcing, particularly in relation to the data center and management of the database, is like a pair of eyes that are always alert to monitor, analyze and document the technological environment of the company. “Another major trend of the moment is the ‘cloudsourcing’, which is the outsourcing of services in the cloud. Yet today, when an internal database starts getting small, the first big question is whether it is worth investing in a data center or greater outsource data center on a specialized company. But with increasing financial constraints, IT is exploring cloud storage to reduce costs, improve efficiency. Carefully aligning business needs with what the cloud has to offer before making a decision. In certain cases it may be advantageous, “says Piyush.

Proper Use Of Energy Is Essential In Data Centers

Nov 09

The lack of accuracy in the information related to the use of energy is a point of failure in data centers. This imprecision has consequences in other areas due to the indiscriminate use of electricity when the company does not have appropriate tools to manage the resources within the data center.

According to the study on the Administration of the Unified Physical Infrastructure prepared by experts, most data centers do not have the basic information necessary for its administration, as the magnitude of the energy expenditure, the most appropriate way to use the resource efficiently and strategies for reduce the electric bill.

“The lack of control and ongoing management (24×7) in this environment is a critical issue, especially when you consider the inter-dependencies that exist within and between data centers and IT networking company,” said Nitin Jadhav, CTO at ESDS Fully Managed Data Center.

According to a survey by Gartner, environmental awareness is one of the biggest global trends in IT and also in data centers. However, not all data centers have processes to adequately measure and monitor the use of energy, which is needed in the use of new technologies and to meet some new policies being adopted by governments.

Corrective tools

Lest this imprecision, ESDS has a portfolio of data center solutions that includes software for Infrastructure Management, the hardware system and other devices for the management of infrastructure in data centers from third parties.

This system allows companies to reduce the risks and downtime of network applications, while it reduces both operating costs, such as carbon footprint and increase sustainability by providing visibility and control of remote connectivity, tracking and asset utilization, information on energy consumption and environmental conditions throughout the data center in real time.

The eMagic software platform has control modules with “dashboards” and predefined reports that provide greater visibility of metric operations including critical parameters needed to manage the data center such as power, space, connectivity, resource tracking and others.

This solution for managing Infrastructure in the data center, not only meet current requirements, but also offers a well designed map for the company to meet the challenges of the smart data centers in future, using real-time information and energy optimization for efficient operations infrastructure.

Using intelligent eMagic Solution provided by ESDS Software Solution Pvt Ltd as the basis to converge through the systems of communication, computing, control, power and safety, these point to point solutions provide operational and financial benefits for the company, allowing to improve reliability, reduce costs, increase agility and support sustainability initiatives.

Need a Dedicated Server for your Small Business?

Oct 22

Any e-commerce website or online store, a business is small or large, can result in a large set of complex features because it needs to fulfill several responsibilities. Things can get complicated for a small company that does not have the physical or financial resources. When money is involved and the Internet, you need to reach a high level of reliability and security to ensure a safe environment for customers. If you fail to meet this requirement, the more certain is that it is out of business forever. If you really want to avoid this disaster, a dedicated server is the right choice for your business online. During these last years the dedicated housing proved to be a more secure solution, but is it really the best option for you?

Obvious benefits

First of all, you must understand that you do not need to worry about your site when it is hosted on a dedicated server web hosting. This essentially means that the web server has only one user, a choice that differs completely from a shared hosting. Because, with shared hosting, you need to share server resources and its space with other users, have a dedicated server simply means that your site is the one to be hosted on the web server in a fully managed data center. This type of hosting can ensure better security because you do not need to worry about the sites that are hosted on the server that may be distributing spam, have errors in the scripts that make the vulnerable server or compromise the IP address in several ways. After having said that the dedicated server is just for you, it means that businesses are left with several benefits, such as disk space, dedicated RAM, CPU and bandwidth, which together can ensure a faster response.

With a dedicated server, users coming to your site will have a much better experience, making it a good chance of converting visitors into cash. Additionally you can install the software you want, as well as the operating system, control panel and use as you wish.

Possible drawbacks

Before making a decision, you should be aware of the disadvantages of having a dedicated hosting. First, you have to pay a much higher rent per month for a dedicated server, as it is traditionally much expensive than shared accommodation of a standard web hosting. Second, this type of hosting requires more responsibility. If you do not have the time or the necessary skills, you may need to hire an IT professional to handle the maintenance. If the money is already a problem for you, then you may be out of the question.

Think again

Having a dedicated server hosting India can result in a lot of benefits to small business, but you should think carefully before making a decision. Besides the costs, it is necessary to have technical knowledge. If you’re not quite sure who is able to cover the costs or do not have experience, it may be best to start with a shared hosting account and go slowly updating and gaining experience. This is how successful businesses start and are not ashamed to take one step at a time.

Preparing For The Development Of A Dedicated Server

Oct 16

Investing in a dedicated server is a big step that unfortunately brings several consequences for many customers. This is because although the market prices of dedicated web servers generally let the users access their own web server but still cost a lot of money. Whether you’re considering an upgrade to your first package or to change web hosting company, this process can become a nightmare for beginners or experienced IT professionals. To achieve success you need to collect a lot of information and in the case of an online site, migrating a large number of files. All this can be quite complex and frustrating process. The good thing is that these problems can be avoided. What we recommend is to watch some important details.

Plan ahead

Before installing any software or services on your dedicated server, put on paper what you have to do in advance, like what is the purpose of the new web server. For example, combine all the programs you plan to install, focus on specific things ranging from the control panel of the operating system, through the application server and web server addons to make the web better. To be more specific, including system requirements, version numbers, and even place the order in which the software must be installed. Make comparisons among the list of requirements and technical specifications of the web server. We see quite often IT professionals simply configure dedicated servers with multiple failures, because of not planning properly.

Choosing IT Team

If possible, you do not want to be alone in the process of setting up and maintaining the dedicated server. If you have a capable team, grab us and make your employees to help you in these tasks. You can also get help from vendors for material. Once you have a good IT team in the Fully Managed Tier III Data Center in India where the server is, it is time to put into practice and take other steps.

The planning should not stop just because your server is already running and online. You have to think about how the web server will be used daily. If you have a medium or large business, you must consider not only how the processes will have an impact on your business, but also on other teams in your organization. Make sure that you distributes all the vital information about the support number, login details, and other fates, the stakeholders.

Features of Exchange Server

Oct 04

Inter-office Email :- With the help of Standard POP3 you can send email with your network in your office.

Centralized Address Lists :- It’s a automated process to add your user in “Global Address List “ for addressing email.

Centralized Groups:- Groups of users can be created within Exchange Server and then appear in the “Global Address List” which is available to all users when addressing email.

Quick Time Email:-In Exchange Server You receive your email as soon as it arrives at the dedicated server hosting India and when you send an email it goes immediately. some other email server can be stuck sometime.

Public Folders:- All your employees can be accessed public folder. You can set user level policies for that to provide whatever level of security is needed. You can store the information in public folder like Name, address, phone, emails of all your employees, Appointments dates.

Contact information for your business partners (insurance company contacts, vendor contacts, etc.)
Calendars to schedule the use of shared resources like conference rooms.

Outlook Web Access:- Is a browser based email interface of outlook. through outlook web access you can access your emails ,calendars from anywhere in the world.

Group Enabled Outlook Features:- With Exchange Server you will get the features called “group enabled”. Your calendar, task list, Inbox, etc. can all is viewed or modified by other users. Of course, you decide how much, if any, access you want to allow to your information.

Mobile access :- In Exchange Server client can access his emails through his Mobile and palm device in anywhere is the world.

Meeting Planner:- Through this feature you can select users for a meeting, checks each user’s calendar to determine a free time, and then notifies each user and updates their calendars with the scheduled meeting.

Affordable Webspace Hosting In India

Sep 16

Once you are ready with your website development you would need a reliable and affordable web hosting service provider who will host your website on their server so that your website can be accessible worldwide. You have two options , free web hosting and paid hosting, its always recommended to go with a paid hosting services if your hosting a large or Small Business web hosting website, as paid hosting will ensure you maximum up-time and better server resources as compare to free hosting.

Once you decided for your web hosting service provider you need to look for what disk space and bandwidth do they provide you. Web space and bandwidth are most important features which are to be looked before paying to any web host. You should have enough web space and bandwidth at your disposal so that your website and email hosting could run smoothly. You should have enough disk space so that you can upload all your web files, databases, graphics and multimedia files on your allotted web space. Web hosting web space is sometime referred as “ Diskspace”

You can consider web space as storage space which is assigned to your web hosting accounts its total amount of storage which you can use to store all data files, email accounts and other web files. You have different web space slots which all depends on hosting plan you choose and may varies from web host to web host. To access your web space your web hosting service provider will offer you some kind of control panel [ cPanel/Plesk] using which you can manage your hosting account, you can upload data/web files using your control panel or through using Client FTP program and can access your web hosting space.

Affordable Web Hosting 

If you choose some shared hosting package you may get less disk space as compared to other higher hosting packages such as VPS, dedicated server. You can also use allotted web space as backup web space if you have opt for higher hosting plan in which you will have sufficient disk space, if you are having dedicated server with RAID configured disk drive you can use this space as a backup space and can keep or take backups of all your web data. You can access your web space from any location provided you have all login details for your server/hosting account thus you can upload data anytime and from any part of world.

VDS Hosting – Cloud Protect You

Sep 02

Among the sites with an average attendance usually consider VDS Hosting (Virtual Dedicated Server). In fact, it is necessary for those webmasters who use Shared Hosting which is bored and does not provide full functioning for the site, and on the Dedicated server, there are a couple of tools that are mostly missing or were never required. The most important part of VDS service is, it belongs to the middle price range.

The peculiarity of this technique is that, a single physical server, which is a conventional computer, can create any number of virtual servers. Each of them has its owner. On the possibilities of access and control, VDS is not inferior to a dedicated server, which is why this service is now in high demand by many webmasters.

Each client has a clear boundary system resources and physical memory, which cannot be violated. The user can do all that he want with the OS installed, but just need to move carefully. Permission is granted to install and configure any software, databases, devices, you can perform operations on files, etc. The number of FTP and MySQL is also defined by the user. The site administrator for hosting VDS registered with zero sequence number (id 0), which gives almost unlimited rights.

The obvious advantage of VDS, in contrast to the general virtual server is that any negative process like DOS-attacks will not affect the performance of your Internet resource as a virtual platform does not relate to each other. To operate such server, you need to have basic skills in systems administration, especially if you use a unmanaged VDS. The name means that the support of experts in this hosting is absent, so the solution to all problems rests on your shoulders. Sometimes this service is even cheaper than shared services (common virtual server).

The most popular hosting servers provided by cloud hosting providers can be used for the official websites of the companies, firms, online shops. They do not need a powerful processor and memory resources that are constantly high. Many companies offer discounts for this service when registering for a specific period or carry out various actions, which only increases the demand on it. A user wishing to create a file sharing, storage service for video or photos can also take advantage of this profitable “cloud” technology.

Facts About Unlimited Web Hosting

Aug 15

If you are having online business and you are always looking forward to make money from your websites, unlimited reseller hosting is where you can host unlimited domain names where you get unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited FTP accounts and lot of other services. Just in case, if you are thinking about expanding your online business by launching more websites, or you are having more than 2,000 visitors who are visiting your website daily, you need to be careful, if you overuse the amount of resources allocated, you will not be charged for that. To keep yourself away from all these worries that you may exceed something while selecting a web hosting service, it is a good choice to get benefits from those unlimited web servers.

Less Down-time

The most important thing about web hosting service is the down-time issue with servers. Although, it is not possible for every hosting company to promise 100% up-time guarantee. A perfect and reliable web hosting provider will guarantee that your website will get at least 99% of up-time. It is always good to host multiple websites on a single reliable web server where you will get only 0.1% of server downtime. Less downtime means better business.

Easily Manageable

Unlimited reseller hosting allows you to host multiple web sites under single account and when it comes on website management, it is pretty much easier. You only need to login into single control panel rather than logging into different administrator interfaces to do tasks such as adding an ftp account, creating a mail list. Merging all the accounts into a single one would ease the administration task of the user.

Cheaper Cost

Lots of people think that it is pretty much cost-effective and suitable to choose a web hosting with a limited amount of bandwidth especially when they are starting with online business. But if you are good with searching and able to find a reputable web hosting company who provides unlimited package, you will not only get benefits from the service but also with the pricing. In the beginning, a limited amount of bandwidth, space, email accounts are pretty enough but as time passes, requirements increases.

The web hosting industry is been developing rapidly and because of the huge requirements, there are many Dedicated Server In India who came up with unlimited hosting plans which are pretty much beneficial for the customers. Unlimited web server plan is pretty much popular because it offers wide range of possibilities for webmaster at a affordable prices.

Colocation and KVM

Aug 01

A piece of hardware that allows you to control to many computers from a single access point like monitor, mouse or keyboard is called KVM, it can be video, keyboard or mouse. Whole process is controlled by a switch (KVM over Switch) on a hardware. This switch allows to you switch between the multiple computers. There are two forms of KVM, most famous one is KVM over IP it is also known as remote KVM is majorly used in Colocation facilities and Data Centers. The other KVM is the one which can only be used in a radius of 1550 feet.

On order to catch the mouse, video or keyboard signals there is a micro controller in KVM. The signals received are than compressed into packets and then using Ethernet they are send to a remote location. In this remote location they are decomposed and again are converted into a keyboard, mouse or graphic image command. When your dedicated servers are at a colocation facility you can use remote KVM. You can access your servers with the use of KVM over IP from your location and without any need of coming down to the Data Center.

Tasks which normally would have required you can also be performed using the KVM over IP. Normal browsers like Mozilla, Internet Explorer, are also provided by some colocation providers with operating systems like Linux, Mac, and Windows. Another major benefit of KVM over IP is that it helps you to upgrade or install new operating systems or other software on your servers sitting at your home. Troubleshoot is also allowed on the server that lost its connection.

Infographic: Cloud Servers Or Dedicated Servers?

Jun 14

Cloud servers are operating in a cloud environment. They function as independent units, which means they do not require any centralized software to operate.

A dedicated server is a complete piece of hardware, including processor, hard drive, RAM and power supply.

Which of these options suits you to host your business? Each has its pros and cons. For example, cloud servers for:

- Elasticity

- Scalability

- Pay per use

- No hardware maintenance

But it also has its drawbacks:

- Less control

- Low performance in certain circumstances

- More expensive SQL Storage

The dedicated server stand for:

- Full control

- Cheap SQL Storage

- Easily expandable space.

And against:

- Higher electric costs

- Errors in hardware.

- Stiffness.

All possibilities are summarized in this infographic:

cloud or dedicated server infographic Infographic: Cloud Servers Or Dedicated Servers?

Responsive Web Design – RWD

Jun 07

responsive web design Responsive Web Design   RWD

You have probably noticed that many web sites are easily adapted to different screen settings and browsers, changing the resolution. The content of such sites automatically adjusts the screen to provide a better viewing content and the reason is the desire to deliver the best user experience for users of PCs.

What we are seeing now is the tremendous growth in sales of other devices in short time, will outsell PC’s, laptops, etc.. We’re talking about tablets and phones with mobile internet access.

The tablet sales exceed to 100 million units in 2013 and smartphones are increasingly popular and affordable. Internet access via mobile devices, in a short time, exceed the static access through computers.

Thousands of resolutions, screen sizes and different configurations require an effort from anyone working with or creating websites offers tools for creating them. It is impossible to create a specific version for each of the thousands of devices.

Alternatively, the APPS are emerging to build mobile websites that also seem to be a good solution, but it is still expensive and laborious, and not definitively resolve the issue. You can create mobile versions specific to the major platforms, but it is unlikely that there is willingness and resources to all of them that will inevitably need updating and maintenance.

Information, research, social networking and shares point toward mobility. Whether through mobile sites or APP, all media companies must rethink their web presence and own a mobile site with excellent presentation should be a priority.

But like owning a single mobile site that works perfectly and also on any device, the answer lies in responsive web design (or adaptive) – RWD, which we will hear a lot in the coming months. Using specific queries, the resolution capabilities of the device where access is coming, flexible images, grids, among others, are automatically resized to fit to the user’s screen.

The provision of information on the site behaves according to the type of device detected, and the benefits are clear: it creates the site once to run on tablets, smartphones and PCs.

For website publishers, the RWD provides the simplest way to reach readers across multiple platforms and internet users it ensures a good user experience, regardless of the device used.

Due to the rapid adoption of tablets, smartphones and Internet access through these mobile devices, which definitely seem to have fallen in taste of most users, the requirement of responsive web design will be recurring for most developers and Web site designers.

Big Data In The Enterprise: 7 Revelations

May 22

confused Big Data In The Enterprise: 7 Revelations


Big data has become the main topic of conversation among IT professionals in 2013, but Cisco has decided to find out the real extent of the distribution of large data and may assess the validity of the hype. To this end, the company has prepared a report, “The Potential and Challenges of Big Data“.

A report issued at the end of March contains a startling statistics on the distribution of unstructured data and how shocks in the modern IT landscape may result. The study summarizes the results of 1800 survey of IT professionals in 18 countries related to the strategy in the field of big data, budget and goals for 2013 and subsequent years. We offer you the most interesting information from the report.

1. Big Data – A strategic direction for the majority of companies

It is expected that over the next few years, companies will spend a lot of time and resources in the field of big data. Approximately 60 percent of IT managers believe that due to the large data, they can increase the competitiveness of companies in the global market, while 68 percent indicate how much data on the strategic direction of their company in 2013 and in the next five years.

The report states that initiatives in the field of big data that have a positive impact on corporate IT budgets: 60 percent of respondents expect to increase IT budgets in 2013

2. Difficulties in determining the strategy for large data

Although big data – the main topic of conversation among IT professionals in companies all over the world, but this discussion is not always effective. On the question led to discussion of the problem of big data to the formation of strategic plans or decisions, 44 percent of respondents said yes, while 39 percent said that the work continues, and 21 percent admitted that they were thinking on the uncertainty and doubts.

3. Big Data – Great difficulties

One conclusion from the study is quite clear, Cisco technical challenges associated with the use of big data is just as great as the potential competitive advantages. Approximately 27 percent of respondents believe that big data related to the problems of security and risk management, and 16 percent say their budget is not enough to handle large data. In addition, 16 percent of respondents say that they do not have time for in-depth study of big data, while 13 percent of companies do not have enough IT staff to start implementing this technology.

4. The influence of large data networks

It is expected that much data, along with other technologies such as mobile and video, will have a significant impact on the development of networks and infrastructure of the companies. Among the 48 percent of respondents said that they expected doubling the load on the network, and 23 percent believe that the load is expected to triple over the next two years. Only 41 percent of respondents believe that the capacity and security of their networks are ready for a dramatic increase in the load.

5. Cloud Services and big data are kept up

Large data contribute actively implement the cloud. The vast majority, 81 percent of participants said that the cloud is necessary for all, or at least some IT-related projects with big data.

6. Business intelligence is not always insightful

Ultimately, the value of big data is determined by their use in business intelligence. But not all of us agree that the potential is fully engaged.
More than 85 percent of respondents reported on having used any methods of data analysis, but only 28 percent believe that they get out of these strategic initiatives. Another 38 percent admitted that they need a more perfect strategic plan for data analysis.

7. Internet of things already exists

Internet of Things – communication technology objects with each other via the built-in wireless sensors – at first glance it seems science fiction, but according to a poll, it is interested in more companies than we thought. A significant number of respondents (about 73 percent) say that their approach to big data includes data from digital sensors, meters, automobiles and other devices.

What Is A Storm In The Cloud or Cloud Computing For Dummies

May 16

cloud storm cloud computing What Is A Storm In The Cloud or Cloud Computing For Dummies

A study conducted by the U.S. research firm found that the average people in the USA do not have a clue what “cloud computing” is. They think it has something to do with the weather.

The research firm Wakefield Research decided to check the state of the Americans on the latest trends in the use of the Web. Many of them do not know and do not understand the concept of “cloud”. Do not know the other meaning of the word as it related to the weather.

The study was conducted on 1000 residents of the United States. 54% of them do not know what is the cloud and says that they never had used (even though 9 out of 10 does this by combining, for example, your bank or buying online or using Facebook.) Only 16% of respondents linked the “cloud” of computers, networks, data sharing.

The most interesting results were asked “Do stormy weather has an effect on clouds”. 51% of respondents answered “Yes”.

Also conducted another survey among those who have a new kind of cloud heard. 34% of respondents said that cloud computing is too expensive, 32% believe that the transfer of data to the cloud is not safe. One third of the people participating in the survey are concerned about their privacy.

“Cloud” has become very popular and fashionable word, often used in communication with the customer by various companies in the ICT sector and the media.

However, it appears that most Americans do not really have a clue what’s going on.

Listen to Your Computer!

May 13

Computer Problems listen to computer Listen to Your Computer!It is very common to call a technician as soon as the computers have problems, but before that you may need to do a quick check-up on the machine, which will help you in the time to specify the problem to the technician (who often will charge more the service would not cost so expensive …).

So I decided to write this post to give you some tips of diagnoses that can be made easily by you, specifying symptoms and solutions:

Symptom 1 -  Machine turns on and after restarts. (Local voltage below 110 V or 220 V, depending on the voltage in your area).

Symptom 2 -  Stabilizer with no power, or with the wrong voltage. (fuse in 110 V or 220 V  depending on the voltage in your area).

Symptom 3 -  Source does not care. (Or the font is damaged, or the processor is in trouble)

Symptom 4 -  Computer restarts in increasingly short steps. (Super heating processor. In case of a problem with the cooler, may be accompanied by a high beep).

Symptom 5 -  Bip’s long and continuous. (RAM oxidized or improperly seated. In the first case, just pass a soft-bristle brush contacts to remove particles).

Symptom 6 -  Using the DVD or CD-ROM when the machine restarts. (Source defective).

Symptom 7 -  HD “pops” or gives a humming and the computer hangs. (Or the HD is damaged or is super heating).

Symptom 8 -  One long beep followed by three short (biiiiiiiiiiiip beep beep beep)(Video Card damaged, improperly seated or oxidized).

Symptom 9 -  Low performance data transfer on the network where the LEDs of all HUB or SWITCH’S's blink fast and repeatedly.

Well, these are some symptoms and solutions that may facilitate you when your PC goes that problem …

But remember! NEVER touch inside the computer when it is connected to the electricity!

Personal Excellence Story Of Steve Jobs – How He Got To The Top!

May 07

Steve Jobs Personal Excellence Story Personal Excellence Story Of Steve Jobs   How He Got To The Top!Life is like a chessboard, and the only position that cannot be controlled is the starting position. Be born in a given family in a given city, in a certain country, in an environment etc.. The rest is up to you.

Steve Jobs (born February 24, 1955 – died October 5, 2011) was the son of Abdulfattah Jandali, born in Syria, later professor of political science and American student Joanne Simpson, which later became the speech therapist.

At the time of Steve’s birth, both parents were students, and they gave him up for adoption to couple Paul and Clara Jobs, who later also adopted a little girl named Patti.

Steve Jobs

At the age of 27, Steve Jobs came to know about his biological parents. They later married and had a daughter, Mona Simpson, who later became a well-known novelist. Her first novel is called “Anywhere But Here“. In the 1960s, parents were separated and Mona Simpson lost touch with her father.

It seems that Steve Jobs had no relationship with his biological father, Abdulfattah Jandali who was a Syrian Muslim. The fact that Steve Jobs is half Arab, has become a major source of pride in Muslim environments.

Adoptive parents are the ones who loved him and guided Steve. His adoptive mother was an accountant, and his father was a veteran and machinist. The family lived in Mountain View, Silicon Valley, California.

In childhood, his father was passionate about electronics who explained how to assemble and Little Steve disassemble electronics, hobby that changed his life completely.

Steve was not a child to obey the rules. He was smart and innovative and always had frustrations about rigors of school education. However, the results were excellent in school so he was proposed by the school board to go directly to the school, a proposal was rejected by his parents.

He attended a high school in Cupertino, California and attended after-school lectures given by Hewlett-Packard in Palo Alto, California.

In 1971, he met Steve Wozniak, a student at the University of Michigan, 5 years older than him, then Apple’s loyal partner.

For a short time, along with Wozniak worked at Hewlett-Packard.

In 1972, he enrolled in Reed College in Portland, but dropped out after a semester of college. Next 18 months followed calligraphy.

Like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckenberg, Steve Jobs did not graduate from any university.

In 1974, he returned to California where he was employed as a technician at Atari, a manufacturer of video games. He wanted to raise money for spiritual retreat in India.

A few months remained at Atari and then went to India and came back as a convinced Buddhist, shaved head and dressed in Indian clothes.

He experimented with LSD (semisynthetic psychedelic drug) and said that this experience was one of the two or three most important things that made him “who do not share the counter-cultural roots, could not fully relate to thinking”.

After India, he returned to the old job at Atari where he was tasked to create a circuit for the game Breakout. Not interested in circuits, concluded a deal with his friend Wozniak, who managed to create the circuit, to the great surprise of those from Atari. Atari founder Nolan Bushnell’s Jobs says he paid $5000.

Steve Jobs gave Wozniak just $ 350, saying it as such and paid only $ 700, not $ 5000 right.

In 1976, Jobs and Wozniak founded Apple Computer in the Jobs family garage, where he discovered his passion with his adoptive father. Both have sold something: Jobs sold his Volkswagen and Wozniak Scientific Calculator.

Both partners wanted to revolutionize the computer industry by democratizing the industry and create intuitive computers that are smaller, cheaper and accessible to everyone.

In 1978, his first child was born, Lisa Brennan-Jobs, from long-term relationship with Chris Ann Brennan, however, Jobs denied paternity of his daughter in court documents, claiming he was sterile. Seven years later admitted child and a teenager, Lisa lived with her father.

The first Apple product had significant design flaws that reflected both sales and consumer disappointment and market share. Suddenly, IBM surpassed Apple sales, it had to compete with a business dominated by IBM/PC.

In 1984, Apple released the Macintosh and the product marketed as a computer with a “counter-cultural lifestyle”, romantic, creative, youthful. But despite higher sales and performance superior to IBM’s PCs, the Macintosh was still not fully compatible with IBM. Because of this, Apple executives begun to put pressure on Jobs to go.

In 1985, Steve Jobs resigned as a CEO of Apple and set up a new hardware and software company, NeXT Inc..

The following year, Jobs bought Pixar animation company in which he invested 50 million dollars of his own money. Pixar studio continued to produce highly popular animation films such as Toy Story, Finding Nemo and The Incredibles. Pixar films have raised $ 4 billion.

In 2006, Pixar merged with The Walt Disney what made Steve Jobs the largest shareholder of Disney.

Despite Pixar’s success, NeXT Inc.. failed in its attempts to sell its operating system. Apple eventually bought NeXT Inc. company. in 1997 at 429 million dollars.

Also in 1997, Steve Jobs returned to Apple as CEO. With a new management team and a self-imposed salary of $ 1 a year, Steve Jobs has made the company value of all time, reaching in August 2012 at a market value of 623 billion dollars (according to NASDAQ quote

Project Management And Its Challenges

May 03

Project Management Challenges Project Management And Its ChallengesManaging a project is to plan, organize and monitor the development of multiple activities simultaneously. Often, even with efficient planning and a competent team with clearly defined roles, some factors are beyond control and become major barriers in the execution of daily tasks, seriously compromising the success of the project.

Among the challenges faced by project managers in fulfilling their functions can highlight some points that hinder the continuity of projects that may occur in companies of all sizes and industries as unmotivated staff, waste of time and misapplication or misuse, applications and tools.

Time management is a key element when it comes to development of projects. To optimize the work of the team, it is not allowed to waste time, is excessive in meetings or on long research. Usually developers have to deal with large volume of documents checked or query data. It is very important that all supporting material is clearly organized and easily accessible. When the employee does not find the information, you end up wasting time that could be used in another activity.

Another factor that must always be in the minds of managers is that projects are developed and managed by people and work with a team unprepared and unmotivated is extremely harmful. Keep the team focused and aligned with the communication is very important in the course of the projects. The team needs to know what is happening, if it is delayed or progressing according to schedule and see how the work of each one impacts the end result. Constant communication keeps the team more united, focused and contributes to the continuous evolution of the project.

However, care must be taken so that communication does not become a trap or unproductive. Long and very frequent meetings waste time and disrupt team. Often nothing replaces a conversation between those involved in a particular project, however, the best way to make meetings more productive is to use tools and visual elements such as charts and timelines. This means that communication is quick, yet effective.

Finally, today we are surrounded by technology, and it should be used in favor of the companies. Hand tools, software and improper decentralized information will further complicate the management and compromise data security. It is important to research and choose tools that have a focus on project management, unafraid to innovate. Another tip is to use web-based tools or cloud computing solutions which can be accessed from anywhere, at any time of the day and provide the manager a complete view of projects and continuous evolution of each activity.

Each new design challenges will appear, it is up to the task manager to plan well, have attention to detail, to promote collaboration among people, monitor the projects and suggest changes to reduce the likelihood of failures. The paper is difficult and requires a lot of control, but will surely generate good results.

Samsung Galaxy S4, Know All About The New Flagship Of Samsung

Apr 27

SGS4 Samsung Galaxy S4 Samsung Galaxy S4, Know All About The New Flagship Of Samsung

Samsung has become one of the most powerful smartphones manufacturer at the moment. The Galaxy is very prestigious family and each time the Korean company releases new mobile as a milestone as it always manage to innovate and surprise. They did the same previously with the Samsung Galaxy SIII and Note 2.

Now is the turn of the new top model, the new jewel in the crown. Its name? Samsung Galaxy S4.. Now we see what it can do and what brings back one of the most anticipated Android smartphones of the year.

Improving hard to beat hardware

Last year, the Samsung Galaxy SIII were surprised by the speed jump over the previous model. On this occasion, the Galaxy S4 repeated quad-core model. However, this does not mean that it is just as fast. Instead, a new processor makes everything go smoother yet.

Today, the Samsung Galaxy S4 has one of the most powerful configurations and only a few can run at their height. They keep the 2GB of RAM and a storage capacity will vary by configuration we buy. Of course, we can always expand with micro SD cards.

On the outside, we have one of the main attractions of this phone: the screen. Before, we had five inches of full HD with one of the best technologies of the moment: vibrant colors, viewing angle almost complete and a level of detail that we will not miss even the smallest detail.

Autonomy last year became one of the main strengths of the Galaxy family. This year, Samsung did not disappointed us and offer a range excellent phones and not have to worry about to carry with us until the end of the day. If we are of those who do not use too much, we will hold a half day without problems.

Applications to make our daily life easier

One of the main weapons of the smartphones are unique applications that try to find a differentiator. In this case, the Samsung Galaxy S4 has a varied arsenal that will make our every day life easier with little things that will give us much.

For example, we can take photos and combine the images from the cameras (back and front) so that we appear in every photo we click. Also have included new filters and the possibility of doing time lapses and short videos with sound background.

Also facilitated the sharing file. Now sending photos or favorite videos is easier than ever. Not only that, we can also send music and use various Samsung Galaxy S4 simultaneously like speakers.

When Samsung introduced the Galaxy S4, said it is a magical phone. Thanks to the front camera, we have a system that recognizes the position of our eyes and allows us to read text on web pages without having a need to slide it with your finger, the phone will handle it following the movement.