Configure Speedstream 4200/4100 or Drivers for Speedstream 4200/4100

Aug 12

If any one is looking for drivers for Speedstream 4200/41000  my suggestion dont use the USB option for the Speedstream Modem, get the Ethernet cable and use it with the Network Card.

How to set It UP:

  • Check if the Sync is present , Since it’s an ethernet modem, no need to install the modem to get the modem  in sync . If the ckt is not in sync than t/s for sync issues
  • If ckt is in sync, make sure modem is connected to computer with ethernet cable.
  • Check if you are getting default gateway,
  • If default gateway is present, put the default gateway in browser as you would do for any other router.

speedstream 1 Configure Speedstream 4200/4100 or Drivers for Speedstream 4200/4100

You should automatically get this screen, where you would need to enter u/n and pwd. If this screen doesn’t appear automatically click on PPP on the left hand side menu to get this screen. After entering username and password. Just click on save settings.

speedstream 21 Configure Speedstream 4200/4100 or Drivers for Speedstream 4200/4100

Once clicked on save settings on previous screen you need to enter the modem username and password again on this screen. Enter username and password as admin. Click on ok.

speedstream 3 Configure Speedstream 4200/4100 or Drivers for Speedstream 4200/4100

Once you get this screen it means the modem settings are saved, Just click on disconnect and reconnect to reboot the modem.

speedstream 4 Configure Speedstream 4200/4100 or Drivers for Speedstream 4200/4100

You can check if modem is connected to internet, by clicking on System summary (left hand side menu option below status and statistics). If you are getting IP address it means modem is connected to internet. Customer should be able to browse.

speedstream 5 Configure Speedstream 4200/4100 or Drivers for Speedstream 4200/4100

If you are not getting IP Address assigned than just check in WAN interface if any other configuration is set. If there is any other configuration is set than delete that configuration. There should be only one configuration set and that should be VC 0/38 (for UK may vary from country to country), and type should be PPPoA. These settings are picked automatically.

speedstream 6 Configure Speedstream 4200/4100 or Drivers for Speedstream 4200/4100

SOME Troubleshooting Steps

  • Since we don’t get any error messages, woosh and test logons play an important part in t/s.
  • In case of def gateway not coming, ensure that LAN is enabled. If getting a def gateway of 169.254.X.X disable and enable LAN.
  • In some cases we find corrupt output for ipconfig, perform  “iponfig /release” and “ipconfig /renew” which should help. Also try doing a factory reset of the router.
  • Cases where a def gateway is different or blank then check if an IP address is not forced in TCP/IP properties and also ensure proxy is not set in Internet options>LAN settings.

7 Responses to “Configure Speedstream 4200/4100 or Drivers for Speedstream 4200/4100”

  1. Cyndi Glass says:

    I came across your posts while doing a somewhat desperate google search. I’m not very skilled with hardware & have a couple of questions.

    I have a Speedstream 4100 from AT&T Yahoo DSL service. Starting Sunday afternoon, the DSL modem will not recognize the signal so I have no Internet access. I have gone through various troubleshooting processes with AT&T tech support and also run the AT&T Self-Support tool – reset the modem with a paper clip – all of it. Here is what happens:

    1. Paper clip inserted in to reset
    2. Upon removal of paper clip – all five lights light up. Almost immediately the last three go off (lights are not burnt out or inoperable).
    3. Power button On, Ethernet button blinks
    4. Power & Ethernet button on

    DSL, Internet & Activity buttons don’t stay on.

    AT&T says I should be getting a signal and my DSL is properly operating, it’s coming to my phone etc. I’ve checked all the cords, taken the connections off & put them back on, etc.

    AT&T now wants me to buy a new modem. I just wanted to know if someone knowledgeable could point me to an alternative (free or cheap) solution – something to download to force an update or reset or something — a driver? reset password? I didn’t even know it had a user ID or password. If I need to redo this, how do I access the software to do this?

    thank you for your patience & time :)

  2. Brad says:

    What you can try and do is that You have the latest firmware updated recently for the Speedstream Try and upload that also try and mail me the screen shots of you modem setting if possible to

  3. Brad says:

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    Read more Here

  4. m laband says:


  5. mg©o says:

    have you found any workaround for using the USB port instead of ethernet?

  6. bobby perkins says:

    we have to enter a password every time we log in and it all was comes up in the left hand corner at the top of the page how do i get it of so we can us the computer the wright way

  7. Sam says:

    Hi I have a customer who has a Speedstream 4100 which also has a computer that was just completely restored with XP Home Edition. I found out that I needed to enter that IP address that you gave out, which i see that it’s the default address…so I told him to enter that in his computer. I’ll be checking back on him later but I wanted to know if I needed to do something else other than that. I understood what was writen on top but I don’t even know what you mean with “sync”…so yea, I need help ASAP PLEASE thnx :)