Infographic: Cloud Servers Or Dedicated Servers?

Jun 14

Cloud servers are operating in a cloud environment. They function as independent units, which means they do not require any centralized software to operate.

A dedicated server is a complete piece of hardware, including processor, hard drive, RAM and power supply.

Which of these options suits you to host your business? Each has its pros and cons. For example, cloud servers for:

- Elasticity

- Scalability

- Pay per use

- No hardware maintenance

But it also has its drawbacks:

- Less control

- Low performance in certain circumstances

- More expensive SQL Storage

The dedicated server stand for:

- Full control

- Cheap SQL Storage

- Easily expandable space.

And against:

- Higher electric costs

- Errors in hardware.

- Stiffness.

All possibilities are summarized in this infographic:

cloud or dedicated server infographic Infographic: Cloud Servers Or Dedicated Servers?

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