Colocation and KVM

Aug 01

A piece of hardware that allows you to control to many computers from a single access point like monitor, mouse or keyboard is called KVM, it can be video, keyboard or mouse. Whole process is controlled by a switch (KVM over Switch) on a hardware. This switch allows to you switch between the multiple computers. There are two forms of KVM, most famous one is KVM over IP it is also known as remote KVM is majorly used in Colocation facilities and Data Centers. The other KVM is the one which can only be used in a radius of 1550 feet.

On order to catch the mouse, video or keyboard signals there is a micro controller in KVM. The signals received are than compressed into packets and then using Ethernet they are send to a remote location. In this remote location they are decomposed and again are converted into a keyboard, mouse or graphic image command. When your dedicated servers are at a colocation facility you can use remote KVM. You can access your servers with the use of KVM over IP from your location and without any need of coming down to the Data Center.

Tasks which normally would have required you can also be performed using the KVM over IP. Normal browsers like Mozilla, Internet Explorer, are also provided by some colocation providers with operating systems like Linux, Mac, and Windows. Another major benefit of KVM over IP is that it helps you to upgrade or install new operating systems or other software on your servers sitting at your home. Troubleshoot is also allowed on the server that lost its connection.

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